antique partitions - indoor or outdoor

In this category you can find partitions from different materials, whether they are wooden, metal, cast iron partitions or partitions from completely different materials, available for houses, flats or gardens. You can buy there antique partitions in its original condition, restored or replicas of antique partitions. Partitions on the website are exposed by stores or individuals from throughout the Czech Republic.

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Divider -  - 1920

Divider - - 1920


577,- €
Partition -  - 1880

Partition - - 1880


1 154,- €
Divider -  - 1920

Divider - - 1920


288,- €
Partition - bent beech, mahogany veneer - Dřevoponik Holešov - 1950

Partition - bent beech, mahogany veneer - Dřevoponik Holešov - 1950


673,- €
number of items: 4
Adolph Joseph Pohl


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